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The fine-tuned simplicity of this dopp kit is what makes it so standout. Matt Singer thought of everything: double handles that make it that much easier to tote and toss into a duffle bag, two zippers that allow you to open it from the middle and still yank it fully closed when it’s stuffed to the brim, no nooks and crannies in the lining, so you can easily wipe it clean when your toothpaste leaks. The bag is made (in America!) of 18-ounce cotton canvas and is lined with PVC. At 4-by-6-by-10 inches, it is big enough for even the most criminal product junkies. It comes with a red comb imprinted with “CUT THAT HAIR YOU HIPPIE” and an art book with a letterpress cover that features Matt’s favorite New York barbershops, as illustrated by Jason Polan. Note: We think this makes a tremendous father’s day/graduation/summer b-day gift.
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