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Problem 1: While at a party it’s very easy to mistakenly grab the wrong glass. Problem 2: Most wine charms—created to eliminate any confusion about drink ownership—are not very charming. That’s where these leather wine tags come in. Designed and produced in L.A. by Clare Vivier with Apothic Red wine in mind, they are rich, polished, and most importantly, cool. "I find inspiration all around me, and for this project I loved the idea of finding it in a glass of wine" says Clare on her newest creation "The dark red color, the smooth texture, and the rich flavor of Apothic all felt consistent with the clean lines, and smooth, round fixtures of these tags." The tags can also be worn on your finger as a ring, combined as bracelets, or wrapped around your ponytail as a genius hair accessory—making them even better hostess presents for all of the holiday parties filling your calendar this time of year.

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