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Smooth Conditioner


“My longtime hair stylist, Chris Lospalluto, turned me onto this stuff right after chopping off a good six inches of my hair. Now that it’s shorter, it somehow seems harder to get away without washing it for a week at a time (which, according to him, I shouldn’t have been doing to begin with but whatever.) Anyway: He handed it to me and was like, 'You might even find you don’t need to use the conditioner every time you wash it.' Which struck me as insane because my hair wins first place for 'most dry' in any competition. But he’s right: Both the shampoo and conditioner are amazingly moisturizing without using any of the bad-for-you chemicals that just mask the problem and cause buildup and breakage. The magic ingredient in both of these bottles is human keratin born from regenerative medicine—like, the stuff that’s already in your hair, skin, and nails. Nuts, right? Science! It works. Promise.” —Claire

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