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Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Crème


“I recently had a bit of an awakening re: my skincare routine, and it was this: Oils, no matter how many of them I layer on, are just not enough on their own. Even the ones that seem to absorb quickly leave a layer on top of my skin that gets wiped off on my pillowcase as soon as I get in bed. Enter: creams. This one is unlike any I’ve tried before. From day one, my skin was softer and looked better, and I didn’t have that end-of-day dryness I’m so used to. (I guess that’s that time release thing referenced in the product name? Must be.) The best part? You’re encouraged to mix it up in the palm of your hand with an oil for the best of both worlds—and, like magic, it all soaks into your skin instead of your bedding.” —Claire

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