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Non-Acetone Polish Remover Cloths and Finishing Hand Cleanser Cloths


"The first time I ripped open the packet of one of these nail-polish remover wipes, I was so shocked not to be hit by that classic paint-thinner stank that I held the cloth up to my nose for closer inspection. Now, obviously there are ingredients in this that make it capable of removing a couple coats of Clam Bake, but this paraben-free creation really does smell as pleasant (rosy?!) as you could ever hope such a thing would. You do have to work a little harder to wipe away every last trace of color, but this is a price I'm very willing to pay for a shockingly pleasant (and biodegradable, even) experience that you follow up with a second cloth, this one infused with aloe and Vitamin E to leave those nailbeds feeling all kinds of fresh and moisturized. I'm actually looking forward to making my way through this 10-pack." —Erica

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